About Seriously Simple

Seriously Simple Herbals started out as Seriously Simple Stuff back in 2015. It started at the behest of my then boss, a 98 year old who adored the body butters I made for her and “felt it in her bones” that others would love them too. Since then I have branched out into a wide range of items, wild crafted when possible, all hand made in small batches.

I started making my own health and body products nearly 20 years ago due to family health issues that kept us from using what they had in the stores. During that time I studied traditional and scientifically studied herbal remedies as well as other aspects of naturopathy. The products I make are products myself, friends, and family all use on a regular basis. I wild-craft what I can (like the plantain and jewel-weed for my “No More Itch” and No More Poison Ivy”) on my dad’s 13 acre property (where I know the plants are untainted). For the items I can’t wild-craft, I purchase therapeutic grade essential oils from several brands and organic products herbs where possible.

All products can be adapted to suit your needs. Due to family allergies I am used to adapting recipes to use other ingredients where possible (like changing out the corn starch in bath bombs for other starches). Let me know if you have any issues and we can work together to find solutions that work for you.

You can find all Seriously Simple products at https://handmadeherbals.com

Seriously Simple is on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/seriouslysimplestuff/ and on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SeriouslySimpleStuff